San Pedro Sun Newspaper March 2008


Title: Portofino – An “Exceptional” Beach Resort“

Portofino Resort, located on North Ambergris, defines itself as one of the finest  establishments in Ambergris Caye.
With eight beach cabañas and three top Suites,  you can be certain that the view from your room is the very best that Belize has to  offer. Unobstructed, pristine and simply gorgeous views are just one of the many  attractions at Portofino.
Aside from thatched palapa rooms and suites, and a new swimming pool, Portofino  has many packages from which you can choose from; all carefully designed to not  only meet your needs, but make your vacation memorable.
You can be certain that the staff at Portofino will  keep you occupied with the many tours, dives, and expeditions. However, since 2003, there has been yet another  attraction at Portofino and this one has kept many faithful  patrons returning to its beaches.
Portofino Restaurant is among one of the newer restaurants on the  island receiving rave reviews.
With his Euro Caribbean  Fusion Cuisine, Chef Ermito Patt has an eight year culinary background and has learned from the best.
With his various training, courses and love for the culinary arts, Patt hosts a background in French and Italian cuisine that, when coupled with our Caribbean influence and Latin spiciness, makes for an unforgettable meal. “I incorporate my local touch in  every meal,” he explains, “Here on the  island we have the luxury of finding the freshest produce, meats and seafood. This makes for ‘exceptional’ meals.”
Maybe it is the fresh products, or Patt’s extensive training; maybe it’s the friendly, professional staff or wonderful ambience; whatever the case may be, Portofino Restaurant certainly lives up to its self title “exceptional”. Their menus are extensive, and now proudly include a Vegetarian’s Menu. Whether you choose to have a romantic dinner or a family get together, Portofino is still somewhere you want to go during the day. Visit Portofino anytime before 4:00 p.m. and taste their exquisite soups, salads, finger food favorites, seafood, meat and poultry. The dishes are too many to list and all have their own distinctive goodness to them. The ‘Above the Cut’ Salad is sub par – a combination of shrimp and scallops, sautéed and tossed with garden vegetables, and complemented with their very own margarita vinaigrette; the Tres Cocos Shrimp are spectacular – succulent, juicy, coconut dipped, fried shrimp; chicken steak and fries. Many, many are the choices, and all are just as great.
Portofino, however, is known for their exquisitely elaborate, yet pleasant dinners. The choices are again extensive and the twinkling stars, cool Caribbean breezes and a friendly staff make for a  treasured experience. Wherever you choose to sit, you can be certain that your Caribbean view will be the best. Whether it may be on the terrace, balcony or main dining area, all can be accommodated to fit your needs. Making your night most enjoyable is their experienced staff. Manager Marlon Castro and/or host Steve DeMaio meet you as you arrive at  Portofino.
Dinner can be something small but is even more pleasurable when you indulge yourself with Chef Patt’s and his wonderful assistants’ delectable meals.  Appetizers are just a taste of all that you are in store for. The Blue Beef – tenderloins sautéed in blue cheese, the Shrimp Cocktail, the Seafood Panache – wow! That is all that you can utter after taking a nibble off of these freshly baked garlic toast rounds that are deliciously topped with Portofino’s baked Caribbean seafood mousse. The Coconut Caribbean Newburg is just as superb – made with coconut cream and served in freshly baked pastry shells, these traditional shrimps and scallop Newburg definitely has the taste of the Tropics.

If you are not absolutely stuffed from your appetizer, then move on to the second course. One of Portofino Restaurant’s top selling dishes is the Lobster a la Ritz, and believe us, once you try it, you’ll see why people love it so much. Having performed at the Ritz Carlton, this dish is a delightful blend of shrimp and lobster cream sauce served in a luxurious bed of linguine and to make it more sinful, it is topped with sautéed lobster which has been flambéed in fine whiskey. Just as their menu defines it, this dish is very rich, elegant and decadent. The Pineapple Picante Pork Tenderloin, a sweet taste of the tropics derived from the fresh pineapple married so beautifully with lime cilantro marinated pork medallions and the spicy flavor from our Latin influences. Served with fluffy coconut rice, this dish is exquisite. The Penne Pollo Alfredo and Seafood Platter are also succulent dinner choices but Portofino Restaurant’s menu is so grand that naming and tasting all is such an appetizing challenge. A must have has to be a dish that was so popular on its occasional special nights that guests wanted the meal available every day. They demanded to have the Spider Crab-laced Snapper included in the Dinner Menu and one can see why the delectable combination of Blue
Caribbean Spider Crab rolled with snapper fillet, and massed by a tomato cream glace is a true hit at Portofino Restaurant.
Dinner moves on with the third sinful dessert course. Come on, you saved space didn’t you? Because if you did, you are in for a treat because Chef “Chocoholic” Patt has been in the kitchen whipping up his chocolate favorite as well as his other sweet goodies. Imagine chocolate fudge cake lying on a bed of chocolate glace…. yummm! And that is not all; this is laced with creme de cacao and served with vanilla ice cream. Now you have room for dessert, don’t you! Try their Bananas Foster, a rich blend of banana, caramel sauce, ice cream, and chocolat syrup – yes, this is New Orleans Classic has been whipped up and shaped Portofino Style. Other goodies include Rum Caramel Apple – apples sautéed in butter, cinnamon, sugar and dark rum sauce, served over vanilla custard; and the Frozen Tropical Tundra – their mile high, frozen key lime pie. When the weather is hot, Portofino Restaurant’s pie is not! A refreshing happy ending.
Whether you visit Portofino for their lavish rooms and accommodations, to take a drink and enjoy their beaches and views, to taste their scrumptious lunches or to pamper yourself with Chef Patt’s dinner selection, Portofino won’t let you down. If you are a tourist visiting our beautiful country, experience Portofino Restaurant for another memory added to your list. Your friendly front desk staff can arrange a pick up at your hotel. If you are local and have a special night coming up or you would simply like to try something different, then try Portofino for lunch or dinner or a lazy afternoon drive. Management and the Portofino staff welcome you with open arms. Tourists and locals are all invited to visit this “Exceptional” Beach Resort in Belize..
For futher information, kindly call 220-5096 or visit their website at