Pictures sent to us by Denny and Jeanny!

Picture 793bOnce in a lifetime each of us finds our destiny
The one with whom we are meant to be
Denny and Jeanne found each other: everything is crystal clear
We know that they will be happy together year after year.

When they came to Belize, Denny was on a mission.
He had the ring with one condition:
She had to say YES, in front of all staff and guests.
She had the tears in her eyes, oh what a wonderful moment when she said “Yes”

They are cheerful and caring, beautiful and bright,
Each day we saw them at Portofino we know that they are right!
Asking each other to marry!

We cannot wait to meet with you again,
this time with another mission,
getting married here with us!

Such a joyous atmosphere with people all around
The music is softly playing with such a happy sound.

(Made by the Portofino family, Uncle Bill and Auntie Tia)

Many thanks Denny and Jeanny for the great moments we had here with you. Also we love the pictures you sent to us and hope many more Portofino viewers will enjoy them too!

Lots of love from your Portofino Family!