HO HO HO… Merry Christmas from Portofino Beach Resort in Belize!

We had a blast!
Portofino Beach Resort together with Santa took Frank, one of our guests, on a Dive to Mexico Rocks, located North of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye. Even there was a little overcast, the visibility and water temperature was just perfect.

The area where this scuba Santa makes his aquatic home is the second largest barrier reef in the world. If you’ve been nice, you may see manta rays, nurse sharks, manatees, wolf eels, and other beautiful reef fishes.

Santa came face to face with a goliath grouper that seemed quite fascinated with the jolly man and his red suit.

The reef is Belize’s top tourist destination popular for scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing. The Belize Barrier Reef is a series of coral reefs straddling the coast of Belize, roughly 300 meters (980 ft) offshore in the north and 40 kilometers (25 mi) in the south within the country limits.

The Belize Barrier Reef is a 300 kilometers (190 mi) long section of the 900 kilometers (560 mi) long Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, which is continuous from Cancún on the northeast tip of the Yucatán Peninsula through the Riviera Maya up to Honduras making it one of the largest coral reef systems in the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the New Caledonia Barrier Reef.

The real joy of Portofino Beach Resort:  One minute you can be relaxing on the beach, enjoying the sunshine, sea breeze and warm sand under your toes, the next minute discovering the Belize Barrier Reef just a half mile away from the beach, or swimming with nurse sharks and sting rays!  It’s the ultimate Caribbean Escape where you can do everything or nothing at all!

Your beachfront Cabana and Suite overlooking the Caribbean Sea opens the door to snorkeling, diving, sea kayaking, sailing and fishing right out your front porch.

You don’t have to be Santa to go scuba diving in Belize. There are so many great places to dive, canyons, caves, wall dives, to name a few. You can even organize dive parties, with friends and family. Portofino Resort and Action Divers can make your Christmas wish come true. So if you’re six mile north of San Pedro, keep your eyes open for Scuba Santa.

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